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Big Bang Final - Three Grams
Final Art Post for Three Grams by frostian

Thanks to frostian for giving me such a detailed and atmospheric story and world to work in. You should totally go read and comment on it immediately. And special thanks to gwentastic for encouraging me (admittedly on an unrelated project, but that kind of thing totally bleeds) and for getting me started with LJ and photoshop to begin with. She is exactly what I aspire to.

Click for larger size of everything other than icons.


Soundtrack (songs selected by author)


Supplemental Art

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Hey, these are just fine! So, we're all set for July 27th. :)

Awesome, thanks! Good luck!

These are beautiful! Awesome job!

Thank you so much for the feedback, and I am so sorry I am so slow to reply!

Atmospheric is def the right word, this all creates such a MOOD. Love it!

Thanks for your time on this project.

I am SO sorry I haven't replied earlier, thinks have been nuts in RL. Thanks for the feedback! I really enjoyed working on this and it was such a learning experience.

(Deleted comment)
So sorry for the delay in replying - RL got in the way, darn it. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you enjoyed the story!

The soundtrack art is so eye-catching. Now I need to read the story to know what you mean by all that symbolism. ))

Sorry for the delay in replying! RL is such a pain sometimes. Thanks for the feedback and I really hope you enjoyed the story!

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