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Big Bang Final - Memoirs of a Texan Abroad
Final Art Post for Memoirs of a Texan Abroad by texankate

Thanks to texankate for giving me such a thoroughly articulated story and characters to work with. You should absolutely go read and comment on it immediately. And special thanks to gwentastic for encouraging me and carefully explaining the bizzaro world of photoshop curves, which is still largely lost on me, despite her incredible efforts to assist. I am sorry that all of the humans in the banner do not completely look human.

Click for larger size of everything other than icons.

header 1

header 2

source image for header 2 (sadly I did not make the table layout myself. thank goodness for stockxchnge)


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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Everything looks LOVELY. You did an awesome job. Curves lost on you?! PFFT clearly lies. Allison isn't bright orange anymore. She was the hardest too!

I am so freaking flattered that you posted first! YAY! Thank you so much, I am acceptably satisfied with it in the end, since I had like -NO- time to practice all the awesome things you showed me. (By no time, I mean like, no exaggerating, roughly thirty minutes. LOL!) She still doesn't fit quite right, but she's also not school bus yellow, so its a win for me. :)

Thank you again, really really, for all your help. It was crazy the last few weeks (lost my job, bought a house) and I would have never improved it (or any of my other shenanigans) at all had you not aided and abetted. I am much obliged.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I am so sorry for the delay in replying, RL has been whacked out.

I am so very happy with these. As I said in my master fic post, you are to be worshipped!

Thank YOU and YOU are to be worshipped, and, I hope, you are not too annoyed I am so slow to reply. RL was just freaking crazy. Anytime you need some art, you let me know!

I love the first header, the difference between Houston and London. Thanks for sharing. :)

So sorry for the late reply! RL is quite demanding at times. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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